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I love Google Reader, and I’m sad about its impending death on July 1st, 2013. So I’ve been trying out some alternates for feed readers, and here’s my take so far:


  • Feedly – The first one I tried out because it seemed to be the most popular, but it’s not going to work for me. I can’t figure out how to set an item as “Unread” if I want to go back to it. You can save items, but when you attempt to delete saved items, the items just come back – not very useful for me.


  • Newsblur – When I signed up initially I got a message saying there were no more free accounts available. When I went back in later, I was able to set up the free account option (64 feeds allowed). Trying out now …..
  • The Old Reader – The interface is simple and looks promising, but I’m currently in a long queue to sync to my Google account …


  • Newsblur – working fine, but I read from Google Reader this morning and Newsblur’s item’s weren’t updated as read so it looks like there is not a current sync with Google – Feedly didn’t have this problem – this of course won’t be a problem when I start using just one reader –
  • The Old Reader – Still in the long queue sync to my Google account …


  • The Old Reader – Still in the long queue sync to my Google account … only 5000 more to go


  • The Old Reader – import seems at a standstill – still at around 5000 more to go.  Also, it doesn’t look like there is an iPad app so this one will probably be a no-go even if the import is even completed ….


  • Newsblur – I’m liking Newsblur (web and iPad app) so far except the update frequency; Reader updates much quicker.  There is a manual update feature (Insta-Fetch), but it is at the feed level instead of for all feeds.
  • The Old Reader – omg, not making much progress …. I’m just interested on how long this will take ….. I wish I had taken this screenshot on 3/27, but it started at around 40,000 ….



  • Newsblur – I’m still liking Newsblur (web and iPad app), and I found how to fix some of my update frequency issues – make sure all the feeds are “Trained” correctly.  I had by accident put a thumbs down on one of the feed authors, and it would not update until I changed it to a thumbs up.  Also, I figured out how to mark posts as unread (right-click on web or use the gear icon in the iPad) which makes me so happy.  So far, it’s in the lead …
  • The Old Reader – finally on 4/6, my import was done, and I’ve been using it along with Newsblur.  It’s a really simple interface, and it was going well until I accidentally marked everything as read – not sure how that happened …. No iPad app yet so that’s another mark against it ….


  • Newsblur – using this reader exclusively now – only knock against it is the slow updates, but I’m working with it and hopefully this will improve

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